Our commitment to data privacy and security

We take data protection, data security, and people's privacy very seriously. Here are some of our efforts.

Our commitment in plain english.
No legalese here.

We want to make it super simple for users to understand our efforts to keep your data safe, as well as our efforts on data privacy.


We are a small team, but that doesn't mean we're not accountable for every action taken by us using your data. Every decision we make takes this into account.


We perform many types of controls periodically to ensure data privacy and security. These controls range from automated checks to prioritizing the improvement of our tools to help users exercise their right to delete their data.


We make it super simple to delete all your data. No complex page flows or questions asked.

Delete your email from our servers

If you would like us to delete your email and all data associated with it, just enter your email address below, tap submit, and confirm you're the legitimate owner of that email address by clicking the link we send you.

Keep in mind that immediately after deleting your data, your entire records including all your accounts and creations made both with CreatorKit and Top Nine, will be deleted from our servers and completely unrecoverable.
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Our official legal documents

This page is aimed to give a plain English summary of our privacy practices and efforts around protecting our users in every way we can. If you're looking for the specific policies and terms, please follow the links below.
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