About us - The story behind CreatorKit

After creating apps used by millions of users, CreatorKit was born with one big mission in mind: Help Creators Grow Online.

You probably know us as the Creators of the Top Nine app. If that’s not the case, here’s some context on the viral Top Nine trend:

Every end of the year, millions of Instagram users, influencers, and celebrities download our Top Nine app to generate a collage with their Top Nine Instagram photos of the year.

On the last day of 2019, the app made it to the #1 spot of the App Store by the end of the year:

CreatorKit was born after the success of our Top Nine app.

If you would like to know more about us, here’s the story behind CreatorKit and Top Nine.

Built by Creators for Creators

In May 2019, we published a blog post sharing our plan for the year:

Experiment building many app ideas to focus on just one in 2020. The winner would be selected based on one question:

Who do we enjoy building for?

Many of the apps we built got millions of users and reached the top charts of the App Store. We built games, podcast apps, and even cryptocurrency projects.  

We launched Top Nine and it hit the #1 spot of the App Store again and was more than 15,000,000 Top Nine collages were generated with the app. It was an awesome experience to create something used by many different types of Creators.

That's where we saw that we wanted to invest the next few years of our life into helping Creators grow online.

Our mission - Help Creators Grow Online.

But what does that really mean? It means a lot of super hard things that we plan to achieve in upcoming years.

It means democratizing design, so not just those with design skills can thrive online.

It means creating simple tools to help those with design skills who are struggling to create animated content.

It means making it even easier to those with motion graphic skillsets to create videos when they just need to create a simple animated content for social media.

It means helping many different types of Creators in different and specific ways tailored to their craft.

What do we mean when we refer to Creators

We believe that digital creators are not only Instagram influencers, TikTokers, or Youtubers.

They are the business owners who become video creators and use our “before and after” templates.

They are the photographers who become motion graphic animators using our minimal templates to showcase their photos.

They are the bloggers and publishers who transform their articles into engaging and animated stories.

Digital creators are those working on anything creatively, including who we call "the creators behind", the marketers, designers and people pushing organizations forward creatively.

The future of content Creation

There have never been that many creators like today, and it will only keep growing.

The internet needs more tools to help people turn into Creators, join us to become one!

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