About us - From apps used by millions to building CreatorKit

The story behind Top Nine and CreatorKit

Hi there! The CreatorKit team here, working on a big mission:

Help creators grow online

You probably know us as the Creators of the Top Nine app. If that’s not the case, here’s some context on the viral Top Nine trend:

Every end of the year, millions of Instagram users, influencers, and celebrities download our Top Nine app to generate a collage with their Top Nine Instagram photos of the year.

On the last day of 2019, the app made it to the #1 spot of the App Store by the end of the year:

CreatorKit was born after the success of our Top Nine app.

If you’re looking for the 2020 version of Top Nine, CreatorKit.com/TopNine is where you should go, as Top Nine is now part of the CreatorKit platform.

If you would like to know more about us, here’s the story behind CreatorKit and Top Nine.

Built by Creators for Creators

At the beginning of 2019, we published a blog post sharing our plan for the year:

Experiment building many app ideas to focus on just one during 2020. The winner would be selected based on one question:

Who do we enjoy building for?

Many of the apps we built got millions of users and reached the top charts of the App Store.

Most of those millions were consumers looking for something entertaining (apps were mostly games or around a  trend).

But building for bored consumers wasn't motivating.

Top Nine was different. Not because it got to the #1 spot of the App Store, but because it was used by many Creators.

- Content Creators building their audience on social platforms.
- Photographers, artists, and creative professionals (showcasing their portfolio).
- Business owners (creating content to promote their business)

We believe Creators are those who build anything on the internet.

Some build an audience on social platforms. Others build a business.

After connecting with many Creators who used Top Nine, we decided to start CreatorKit with one big mission in mind:

Help Creators Grow Online

How do we help Creators?

We've built a toolkit to create video content FAST.

There are many awesome video editors already, so we are focusing on:

💫  Animations and motion graphics.

🛍  Specific templates for every creator (including shop owners)

🤝 Platforms integrations.

Top Nine is open to everyone, but the CreatorKit video platform is still invite-only. This isn't to make it exclusive. Just to ensure you don't run into bugs.

Want to try it? Just contact us on our chat located at bottom right corner of CreatorKit.com.