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Create product images and photoshoots with AI, in seconds. The only AI Product photography tool with free and unlimited generations.

The only AI tool built for furniture sellers

Check out the video to learn more about the features developed and optimized for furniture sellers.

Furniture Photography

Add backgrounds with AI

Turn a product images into a professional product photos.

Product image with AI backgroundProduct image with AI background
Product image with White backgroundProduct image with White background

Backgrounds with AI, the secret of ecommerce growth

There’s a reason why the fastest growing brands on the internet have “impossible photoshoots” on their ads. It’s CreatorKit. Replace the background of product photos and generate variations, in seconds.

A Product Photo tool that truly works

Finally, an AI Photo tool with zero quality loss. No more blurred labels or shape changes.

Stop wasting your time with low quality generations. And stop wasting money from AI generated images that you don't use.

With CreatorKit, you can generate high quality, free, and unlimited product photography. Only pay for the generations you use.

Foto de producto creada con otras herramienta de IA. Esta tiene bordes deformes, etiquetas ilegible y el producto no esta integrado con el fondoAI Generated Images with CreatorKit tool have clean edges, and flawless labels



AI product image created with other AI ToolAI product image created with CreatorKit AI Tool

Deeply integrated to Shopify

Generate photos right from your Shopify admin in seconds and use them with our video templates.

CreatorKit Shopify App Integration

Deeply integrated to Shopify

Generate photos right from your Shopify admin in seconds and use them with our video templates.

Product Photography examples

See all Furniture photography examples and all the AI powered features built specifically for Furniture brands.

Generate unlimited product photo images for free


per generated image

Unlike other tools, you don't need to pay for the generations you don't use.

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per image used

Unlike other tools, you don't need to pay for the generations you don't use.

Only pay for what you really like.

This app has helped us create some high quality, simple, product ads that have added a lot more to our social media presence! Any issues we have had have been minor and the staff have gone up and over to correct or help us figure everything out.

Marketing manager
Majesty’s Animal Nutrition

AI Photos helped us generate high performing static creatives at a fraction of the time and cost.

Roni Trocki - Founder & CEO
Polonio Group

The app has really good features! Helped us create many ads and videos all in one place. Great for testing new creatives at an affordable price.

Marketing Manager
Sinless Snacks
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Used by 35,000+ businesses from small brands to some of the biggest agencies:

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the AI Product Photo tool.

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Why is CreatorKit the best tool for furniture photography?
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After working with hundreds of the biggest furniture sellers with our AI Product Photos tool, we developed custom features required specifically to sell furniture.

Is it free to use AI Product Photography tool for Furniture?
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Yes, you can generate product images for any type of furniture for free, without entering any credit card. In fact, every plan has unlimited free product photography generations, you only pay for the images you download.

Does the AI works for any type of furniture?
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Our AI has been trained to generate high quality images for sofas, chairs, tables, and anything in between.

Can I create my own custom product photography backgrounds with AI?
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Yes! The AI product photos tool enables anyone to create product photography backgrounds. There are three ways to generate backgrounds for product images:
1. Using the text prompt feature, you can describe the background you want to generate it from text.
2. Using the upload feature, you can upload any image and the tool will blend the product image into the background.
3. Using any of our prompt templates, you can make edits to any of the prompts.

Can I see an examples of product photography with AI for furniture?
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Sure! We published a directory of free backgrounds for product photography, including backgrounds designed specifically for furniture.

How is the AI Product Photo tool different from the rest?
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There are many AI Product Photography tools, but only CreatorKit is capable of generating product images that look real. With others, most AI generated look fake or are low quality, so you waste a lot of time generating something that works.

Unlike competitors, CreatorKit is the only product photography tool offering free and unlimited product photography. Customers only pay for what they use.

Try it free for yourself and compare the outcome!

Ready to start selling with our AI generated photos?

Product images with AI background