Product Photography Background for Consumer Goods

Industrial style coffee shop AI background

Replace with your product image using this template on the AI Product Photo tool.

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Consumer Goods

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Coffee shop AI background
Modern style coffee shop AI background
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Industrial style coffee shop AI background
Cereal bowl AI photo background
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Frequently asked questions

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What is this directory?
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It’s the place where you can find Free background prompts, ideas, and examples, so you can generate product images in seconds with Artificial Intelligence.

Can I use this background to replace on my product photos commercially?
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Yes, all backgrounds and prompts published here are free to use on the CreatorKit product photo tool.

Can I use this background with other product photography tools?
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Yes, you can use both the prompts and the backgrounds. However, most product photography AI tools do not support uploading a background, so you will probably will be able to use only the prompt.

What makes this background good for ecommerce marketing?
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We curate all backgrounds on this directory to ensure they meet our standard.

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