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With CreatorKit you can insert captions on a video in just a few seconds!

How to add captions to videos online step-by-step

80% of users watch social media videos without sounds. This means that captions are essential to let your audience know what your video is about and engage them even before they unmute the video.

Choose your video

Upload your video in any format. CreatorKit supports them all!

Add as many captions as you wish

With this video caption maker, you can choose auto caption, upload a srt file, or add video captions manually.

Export your video for free

Once you are done putting captions to your video, just go ahead and download it. No watermarks added!

Make your videos readable and accessible for all audiences

Online videos can become a huge viral success if they manage to give across their message in an easy way. That’s exactly what captions can help you achieve.
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Caption adder for mobile

Add captions to videos online using just your mobile phone. There’s no need to download any app, CreatorKit runs perfectly both on Android and iOS devices.

Generate thumb-stopping YouTube videos

Insert captions to your videos before sharing them on YouTube to make it easier for your audience to get your message in a clear way.

Boost your social media strategy

Whether it’s an Instagram video or a Facebook video, it will work better and increase engagement levels with captions on.

Add captions to your videos without downloading any software

Free video captioning

Level up your video content using this great caption maker and add every single caption you need to your video online.

100% online

No need to download an app. CreatorKit is a video app designed to be used on any device, mobile, or desktop.

Make your own captions within seconds

Put captions on videos in the blink of an eye!

Edit videos in any formats

This caption adder works perfectly with MP4, MOV, AVI, WebM, and many more.

Secure processing

Your data is protected with industry-standard security measures. We delete videos after processing them.

Designed for social media

Use any of our hundreds of templates that have proven to work for millions of users worldwide.

How to add captions to a video online

Whether you want to add your own captions, generate them automatically, or import them from a file, we’ve got your back. Just follow this easy step-by-step tutorial and learn how to put captions on videos.

Why choose CreatorKit?

CreatorKit is a video platform designed for anyone who wants to create high-converting videos. Some of the features that make us different include:
  • Animated text styles
  • Hundreds of video templates
  • Smooth video transitions

But wait, there's more.

CreatorKit is a lot more than just a tool to add images to your videos. Here are a few other features we think you might find useful!

Add captions to your video with CreatorKit

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