Top Nine for Instagram 2022

Find and share your Top Nine Instagram posts, reels, and photos of 2022.

Top Nine 2022 recap

Instagram recap 2022 reels template

In 2022, Instagram introduced Recap 2022, a feature that allows users to create Reels using their own photos and videos from the year. However, Instagram is not selecting the Top Nine Instagram Reels and posts for the year.
Here’s how to create it:

Find your Top Nine

Go to to find your Top Nine Instagram posts and reels of 2022.

Download your Top Nine

Download your Top Nine photos and videos separately. You can do this with one tap using the Top Nine app.

Upload to the Recap2022

Create a reels on Instagram using the Recap2022 template with the photos and videos downloaded from Top Nine.

Create more videos with your Top Nine Instagram posts

Download your Top Nine Instagram posts (reels and feed posts) using the Top Nine app. You can download all nine videos and images with one tap.

Frequently asked questions.

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What is Top Nine?

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Top Nine is a trend, started by the founders of CreatorKit. Every end of the year, millions of Instagram users, influencers and celebrities share a collage with their Top Nine Instagram posts of the year.

Before building CreatorKit, the founders created the Top Nine app, which you can use still use today on

Can I use CreatorKit to share my Top Nine?

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CreatorKit is a video platform you can use to create stunning videos and reels featuring your Top Nine Instagram posts of the year.

However, you'll need to upload your Top Nine photos and videos.

Can I find my Top Nine with CreatorKit?

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No. CreatorKit doesn't connect to Instagram and only works as a video editing platform.

You should use other services like the original app to download your photos and videos.

Create your Instagram Recap reels today

You can use any of the video templates on the CreatorKit platform, or just use any of the reels templates on the Instagram app.

Start today by downloading your Top Nine Instagram moments of the year using the Top Nine app.