58 Video Marketing Statistics You Need To Know (2022)

Video marketing facts and statistics you need to know to create your online video marketing strategy in 2022.

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Now more than ever video marketing is the strategy you should be focusing on.

Storytelling through videos is one of the strongest and most effective tools marketers have to target their audience and turn a person into a loyal customer.

This means: increase their conversion rate.

Some video marketing examples include:

  • Explainers (about your product or service), presentations, video blogs (commonly known as vlogs), tutorials, interviews, webinars, ads, customer testimonials and live streams.

The list goes on and on.

It doesn't matter how big your business is: a big chain, a local market, a consultancy services company or just yourself as an influencer.

Communication through social media platforms and websites is more engaging, interesting, memorable and valuable than ever before.

If you and your team are trying to figure out whether or not it is worth it to invest time, money and resources in video marketing, you just landed on the perfect piece of content :)

To sum it up: yes, you should.

In this article we will give you 58 reasons why. Join us to discover every video marketing fact and statistic you need to know to create your communication strategy around online video marketing in 2020.

Top 58 video marketing statistics

There is no need for you to trust us. We only ask that you take a look to the following list we have compiled of the best 58 video marketing statistics that prove online video marketing carries a lot of benefits if you use them wisely.

Shall we?

1.85% internet users in the United States watch video content every month

This percentage goes up to 95% for Saudi Arabia, 92% for China, 91% for New Zealand, 88% for Australia, 86% for Spain and also 85% to Brazil.

We probably agree that all those numbers are pretty high.

In the US, young adults from 25 to 34 years old are the ones who watch the most online video content and men spend 40% more time watching than women of the same age.

In addition, Hubspot claims that 55% of people watch online videos every day.

2. 54% of consumers prefer brands videos over any other kind of branded content

According to a HubSpot study from 2018, most consumers demand video marketing video when it comes to a brand or business they support.

As HubSpot study says, the reason behind this percentage is that people claim to be most likely to pay attention to videos, while admitting they will probably skip some parts from audio and text content.

This shows that online videos are not only restricted to entertainment.

3. 85% of marketing professionals use video

According to Hubspot, this percentage was lowered to 63% in 2017 and turned to 81% in 2018.

As you can infer, marketers have seem to realise that video marketing offers multiple opportunities for their business and that’s why they are trying to make the most out of it.

4. 93% of businesses gained a new customer thanks to a video on social media

A study shows that almost every business which used an online marketing video strategy got at least one new customer.

This means that someone watched their branded video and liked it so badly that they made a converting action afterwards.  

Also, this same study found out that 73% of consumers have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence to make a purchasing decision about a product or service.
This proves that nobody should be surprised by the fact that Instagram is becoming the most relevant platform for video content to drive purchases.

5. 88% of video marketing has a great return on investment (ROI)

Whatsmore, 80% of those who use video marketing on their social media strategies confirm that video ads also have a satisfying ROI.

Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are the leading platforms when it comes to video marketing.

Marketers use them to build brand awareness, create consumer loyalty, continue bonding with the customers and to engage new ones.

Tutorials and video explainers are two types of video content famous for their popularity among users!

6. Video marketing generates 66% more leads a year than any other type of content

This is probably related with the fact that video marketing does not only provide info about the product or service but also about the company.

Therefore, consumers gain trust and loyalty in those companies smart enough to take advantage of their video marketing strategies.

7. Users will spend 88% more time on your website if it has videos

Time that users dedicate to go through a website is as precious as limited. Every second counts and there are big chances that people will abandon your website before a minute passes by.

According to Forbes, users will almost double the time in your website (88% more!) if they find a video that keeps them interested.

Given that Google benefits valuable content, users spending more time on your website is key to improving your SEO.

8. 80% users will make a purchase after watching your brand’s video

As you can see, videos don’t only help you keep your audience’s attention. They are also a great way to convince them through their buying decision.

This statistic is especially relevant when it comes to an app or even a software.

9. People spend almost seven hours a week watching video content

This means a complete hour a day is dedicated to watch videos online. And odds are the amount of time assigned for this practice will not stop growing.

Actually, the global average of time people watch videos online every day is believed to achieve 100 minutes per day by 2021.

10. 82% of the internet traffic worldwide will come from video streaming and downloading by 2022

In other words: by 2022 we will have an 88% increase of traffic coming from video marketing.

According to Cisco, traffic coming from live internet videos will also grow 15 times by 2022.

This is 17% of the total internet video traffic share.

11. 60% of people prefer to watch online videos than TV

We have all heard about the decreasing amount of people that watch television.

But this trend seems to be more related with a on-demand content preference than with people losing interest in video content.

12. 50% of viewers under the age of 32 will not subscribe to a pay TV service by 2025

So, according to a study made by Google, this trend previously mentioned will continue to increase over time.

13. Youtube reaches people between the ages of 18 to 49 more than any broadcast of cable TV network

And ironically, people spend twice as much time on YouTube as they did last year.

14. Video content gets 12 times more shares than texts and images combined

This means that up to 29% of video consumers share the video they watched.

So, if you are going to post a brand's content, you will probably want to choose the one with the most chances to become viral.

15. Videos drive 157% more organic traffic from SEO than websites without them

This means that you have 53 more chances to get on Google’s top of the SERP (search engine results page) if your website includes video.

16. Facebook is predicted to be 100% video by 2021

Although videos are getting more relevant everyday, Facebook is also about other things. At least for the time being.

Facebook as we know it nowadays is expected to change. All those status, images and photo albums posts are most likely to be gone by 2021.

17. YouTube is #2 most used website worldwide after Google

According to Alexa, the estimated time spent on YouTube is 13:43 minutes per user, while on Google it is 13:55 minutes per user. We could say this a pretty amazing statistic for YouTube, an all video platform.

18. Viewers retain 95% of video messages

This percentage lowers to 10% when it comes to reading the message from a text.

To say it clearly, your content has 85% more chances of being remembered by your audience if it is in video format.

19. By 2020 there will be almost a million minutes of video crossing the internet every second

Keep in mind that the same study by Cisco affirms that over 70 percent of the global population will have Internet access by 2023.

This means that there will be not only many more videos available but also a much bigger audience ready to watch them.

20. 65% of people use YouTube to solve a problem

You have probably been there too. Whether people want to build a house, fix their bike or learn how to use a software, 65% of them go to YouTube to get the solution they are looking for.

21. A YouTube content generator made $22 million from the platform

This is without any doubt one fun video marketing fact you didn't know about.

It happened in 2017 to Ryan, a seven year old boy who uploaded videos to YouTube of him playing with toys.

He nailed it to be on top of Forbes list of highest-paid YouTube stars by opening new toys, from dinosaurs to Legos and Disney products, playing with them and explaining all of their features.

22. Facebook has more than 8 billion video views everyday

Those views come from around 500 million users.

Even though some people may argue that Facebook counts views when users watch just three seconds, the amount of views keeps on growing. (TechCrunch)

23. 81% of businesses use Facebook to publish video content

According to this Buffer report from 2019, Youtube follows Facebook in second place with 62%, Instagram comes third with 57% and Linkedin is in fifth place with 32%.

24. LinkedIn videos have 20 times more chances of being shared that any other content

Linkedin launched native Linkedin video in 2017 and it seems to be a huge update to the platform, since videos on Linkedin are performing extremely well.

25. 50% of internet users look for product (or services) videos before going to a store

This is why, according to a Hubspot report, video marketing works in an exceptional way to appeal to and convert customers.

26. More than 50% of internet users choose video content over written emails and blogs

This comes along with the statistic also published by Hubspot that claims branded video to be three times more popular than branded blogs or ebooks.

27. After watching a marketing video, 65% of executives went to the marketer’s site and 39% called them

Based on a Forbes report, work-related video is a powerful driver for senior executives to make a b2b action towards the marketer.

28. Adding video to your emails can increase click rates by 300%

While email campaigns are still a strong tool, Hubspot claims that they could perform way better if they had videos included. 300% better, to be precise.

29. 50% of viewers between 18 and 34 years old would stop what they are doing to watch a video from their favorite creator

This study shows that videos help to build a deep connection with the audience, making them be super engaged with brands and creators.

30. More than half a billion people watch videos on Facebook per day

Forbes simply puts it this way: videos are so catchy and trendy that everyone is watching them.

In just a few years it will take a single person more than 5 million years to watch the amount of video posted online every month.

31. 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter

If we consider that Twitter has 330 million active users every month, then we have over 270 million people watching video marketing on Twitter.

32. 45% of people spend over an hour weekly on Facebook or YouTube watching videos

Of course, this statistic comes without even considering other meaningful video platforms such as Instagram or TikTok.

33. In a period of 30 days more video content is uploaded than what major U.S. television networks created in over 30 years

So, if you put it this way, we should probably stop getting stuck arguing whether or not TV is dying due to online videos.

While we do that, millions of new videos will be getting published online.

34. One-third of what people do online is watching videos

Watching videos is an important part of our daily online routine!

35. By 2021, 17000 hours of video content will be crossing global IP networks every second

According to Forbes, this means that it would take you more than two years of watching videos nonstop to catch up with every video posted online each second that goes by.

36. 10 million videos are watched on Snapchat per day

Snapchat is really popular among young people: its audience goes from 15 to 25 years old.

More than 50% of internet users in the United States use this app. And more than ten million videos are watched on it.

37. 59% of executives prefer videos for b2b communication

This statistic shows that, when presented with two different ways (text or video) of accessing the same information, more than half executives would probably choose video.

And the reasons why should be pretty clear by now!

38. Displaying a video on a landing page can grow the conversion rate by at least 80%

Videos are so eye-catching that they have the power to almost double the chances of your audience staying longer on your landing page.

Inbound links are a powerful tool to improve your SEO. Your website needs them in order to enhance its authority and enjoy a prestigious hierarchy on Google’s SERP.

Including video on your blog post triple your possibilities of getting an inbound link.

40. Adding video to full-page ads improves engagement by 22 %

If you are trying to get your audience's attention and convince them to take action or make a positive purchasing decision, according to this study you don’t have to lose sight of the strategic selling technique.

Just combine video with full-page ads to boost your audience’s engagement.

41. On average, 37% of viewers watch videos from beginning to end

For that to happen, videos are not recommended to last more than two or three minutes.

Actually, 56% of videos published last year lasted less than two minutes and that duration is the best one to make the most out of a video marketing strategy, according to Hubspot.

42. Personalized videos get 35% more attention than non-personalized ones

Hubspot also claims that the optimal technique to have your audience watching your video all the way to the end is to customize them.

This involves adding your audience name, company or whatever identifies them. It is a proven success in terms of retaining attention and magnifying engagement.  

The most common scenarios where your business can take advantage of personalized videos are invitations, holiday greetings and purchase follow ups.

43. Video ads were the #1 way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from

Many times we are scrolling through our social media platforms until something breaks the monotony and catches our eye strong enough to make us stop.

For the most part, it is video marketing that interrupts our scrolling. That is why it is the most common way for consumers to find out about brands with which they will initiate a commercial relationship.

44. 95% of video marketers claim videos increase user understanding of their product or service

This percentage was 94% last year! Clearly, Wyzowl explains why video explainers are the most popular form of video marketing.

45. 30% of people who have done online shopping through their mobile phones say video is the best medium for learning about new products

People no longer want to learn about products through long brochures with explainer drawings. They want videos showing precisely how the product was made and how it can be used. Study by Facebook.

46. 96% of people watched explainer videos to discover more about a product or service

So the statistic about explainer videos goes both ways.

Not only marketers claim it is an extremely useful tool to get the audience understand their product or service, but also audiences admit -almost unanimously- watching explainer videos with the same purpose.

47. 41% of marketers reduced support calls thanks to explainer videos

Given the previous statistic, this totally makes sense.

Video explainers are also a smart decision to save lots of time: just creating the video once and sharing it as many times as needed will avoid many support calls.

48. Brand’s videos convince 79% of people to purchase a piece of software or app

It seems that software and app sellers could really use video marketing to increase sales!

49. 80% of marketers afirm video increases dwell time on their websites

Besides being a great educational tool to explain users about a product, service or a company itself, video marketing can be used in every step of the buyer journey.

As aforementioned, people staying longer on your website is great for your SEO. And working hard on your SEO is great for attracting potential customers!

50. 77% of marketers post videos on IGTV

There are many ways businesses can take advantage of IGTV.

Some of them are: adapting old video content to IGTV’s format and publishing it again; sharing exclusive content through their IGTV channel; post tutorial videos; imitating TV with a recurring show; saving live streamings like interviews or special content; collecting fan’s videos and sharing them altogether.

51. 41% of marketers say that Instagram Stories are winning relevance

Instagram stories are a nice alternative to posts when you are trying to look more chill and spontaneous and you do not want your audience to get fed up with your feed posts.

52. 1 in 4 consumers made a purchase after seeing a story on Instagram

In addition to statistic #51, Instagram stories have one amazing feature that feed posts lack: the miraculous swiping up option.

When combining video marketing with Instagram stories you can add a link to your website. And, whatsmore, you can get the statistics of how many people followed it.

53. Video is Twitter’s fastest-growing advertising tool

According to Twitter itself, video marketing advertising is only gaining popularity among Twitter businesses!

These is one of the best video advertising statistics for you.

54. Each day more than 2 billion video people watch videos on Twitter

This implies a 67% growth over last year. Combining video marketing with Twitter ads may be the most affordable and efficient option to advertise on Twitter.

55. Tweets with videos have 10 times more chances of generating engagement tweets than without them

As you can see, videos are positioned as the smartest option to make an appealing post on Twitter go viral.

56. TikTok is the social media platform with highest engagement rates per post

Who saw this huge TikTok phenomenon coming? Now here we are, struggling to memorize dialogues and score an Oscar winning performance.

Any smart brand should be trying to figure their way of making money out of it too!

Especially if they consider that TikTok has an engagement rate of 52.1%.

57. YouTube replaced Facebook as the platform that affects consumer behavior the most

This is one of the huge Facebook video marketing drops.

While Facebook used to be in first place in terms of conditioning consumer behavior, the impact of videos could not be more clear now that YouTube stepped in and made it to the first place.

58. TikTok got 113 million downloads just in February 2020

This app exclusively dedicated to videos keeps being a huge success. And keep in mind that we are talking about a month with only 29 days!

Hope this video marketing facts can help you to grow the marketing strategy your business needs.