Video Marketing for Real Estate: 6 Tricks and Tips (2022)

These video marketing for real estate tips will help your real estate business to succeed! Let's start building our online strategy together.

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Generally speaking, videos attract 300% more traffic than any other type of content.

Specifically, real estate websites including a video marketing strategy get over 400% more queries about their properties than real estate websites without videos.

So when it comes to deciding whether or not realtors should use marketing videos, the answer is yes! Video marketing is one of the best online tools realtors can use to boost their businesses.

Nowadays every company needs to be part of the digital world and the real estate field is not an exception.

In fact, 85% of properties buyers and sellers prefer to work with an agency that uses video marketing strategies.

In addition, 86% of buyers like to watch videos about the neighborhood where the house is and 70% of them want to watch video house tours.

If you are into numbers, there are a lot of video marketing facts and statistics to prove to you the importance of this strategy!

However, there are certain rules and tips that you should follow to create a successful video marketing strategy for real estate businesses.

Video Marketing for Real Estate: 6 Tricks and Tips

Here are some pieces of advice that you’ll need to take into consideration about video marketing for realtors.

1.Don’t stop

Even though this rule might look odd, it’s one of the most important ones. Sadly, there’s no way to know the perfect timing for a potential buyer to buy a house.

The only way for you to be prepared for when they are finally ready to buy a house is to be consistent in time and show your work on your social media platforms.

Keep in mind that every social media platform has certain video length and specs to follow!

This is called positioning: if you want to be the top of mind option for potential clients, you need to be part of their life even before they consciously know about it.

2. Remain original

It’s very tempting to look at your competitor's strategies and copy them. Nonetheless, this is the worst idea ever if you want your potential clients to pay attention to you.

Choose to showcase your brand’s personality to let your audience connect with you and generate engagement.

There are many video editing apps to help you with this. One of our favorite ones is CreatorKit!

3. Don’t be always a salesman

3. Don’t be always a salesman

It’s not a surprise for anyone that the whole purpose of your business (of any business, actually) is to sell.

However, focusing on sales all the time can be exhausting for your audience.

In other words, try to give people what they want.

Instead of showing houses to sell all the time, for instance, you could give advice on how to do home decoration or easy ways to solve common issues related to houses and their maintenance.

4. Tell your audience what you want from them

This is commonly known as a ‘call to action’.

Basically, it means to let your audience know how they can contact you or get more information about some property or selling process.

5. Be emphatic

Buying and selling properties can be a very emotional process for many people.

Sometimes they are selling their childhood house or their grandparent’s house. Sometimes they are buying the house in which they plan to live happily ever after.

Whichever the case is, keep in mind that you are selling much more than a bunch of fancy bricks. When it comes to video marketing for realtors, this is an important topic to keep in mind!

6. Create a video marketing strategy

Create a video marketing strategy

Having a video marketing strategy is crucial for your real estate video’s success. The most decisions you take in advance, the easier it will be to get your video done!