17 Profitable Instagram Niches Ideas To Use in 2022

With this instagram ideas you can monetize through the app and make yourself a place in the industry. Hope you like them!

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Social media platforms are one of the greatest tools we have as marketers to boost our businesses and convert potential clients into loyal customers.

When it comes to promoting and selling your products online, Instagram is the best option to get your audience to know you.

Monetizing on Instagram is a smart choice for your brand, but before getting into it you need to be sure that you have a profitable niche.

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Best Instagram Niches Ideas for 2022

If you are ready to know which niches are the best to get into, let’s see these 17 profitable Instagram niches ideas to use in 2022.

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1. Travel

Travel as a niche idea for instagram

Many travelers around the globe use Instagram to show where they have been and share cool pictures and videos to inspire others to travel since places that look ‘Instagram friendly’ are preferred destinations.

In fact, 60% of travelers do it!

2. Beauty

Beauty niche idea

Instagram loves the beauty industry: tons of influencers and brands (96% of them, actually) use this social media platform to share skincare tips and hairstyles.

3. Fashion

fashion bloggers on instagram

Showing their daily outfits on Instagram is a common trend among influencers and young people.

This works as a way of inspiring others, discovering new trends, and promoting clothes and shoes.

4. Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness bloggers

You have a very profitable Instagram niche here.

Even when scrolling on Instagram seems to be the antithesis of working out, Instagram users love to learn about fitness workouts, products, and tools on this platform.

5. Lifestyle

Instagram lifestyle

Having a cool and aesthetic life and showcasing it on Instagram is a great Instagram niche: 80% of social media posts are about lifestyle, opinions, and personal ideas.

6. Parenting

Parenting and influencer moms on instagram

Parenting tips and concerns are a very profitable Instagram niche.

Modern moms and dads in 2022 seek for accessible information about raising their babies, and they’ll gladly follow someone on Instagram that gives them the answers they are looking for.

7. Business

business and tips for entrepreneurs on instagram

Investing and starting a business seems to be easier today than it was many years ago.

Many people are trying to succeed at it, so using this Instagram niche and share business tips and your own experience generates great engagement levels.

Note: Also, Real Estate is an awesome niche to be in!

8. Music

music on instagram

Instagram gave an important boost to the music industry. People love to follow musicians, learn about their lives, and get exclusive content!

9. Photography & Filmmaking

photographers on instagram

Since Instagram is a visual platform, photography & filmmaking accounts receive tons of followers when managed wisely.

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10. Food

Foodies on instagram

Food is another great Instagram niche. Every modern restaurant in 2022 knows very well that their food needs to be Instagram friendly!

11. Animals

Animals accounts on instagram

Is there a better plan than watching cute animal videos nonstop?!

We’ve prepared a great post to teach you about editing videos for Instagram.

12. Movies and series

movies and series on instagram

Just as you probably did, many people rush into Instagram the minute they end watching a movie or a series.

This niche is keen on learning interesting facts about the movie, the behind the scenes, and the actors.

13. Makeup

makeup tutorials instagram

Posting makeup tutorials in the IGTV section has become one of the main video content there is!

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14. Decoration

home decor on instagram

Home decor ideas are also a very profitable Instagram niche.

Instagram users love seeing different house styles and getting tips and inspiration ideas to do at their own homes!

15. Crafts & DIY

Crafts & DIY on instagram

Original ideas always win on social media platforms. Getting the step-by-step tips to create cute little things is what this niche is all about!

16. Memes

Memes on instagram

Having fun is what most people look for on Instagram.

Even though memes are the rule in almost every social media platform, this is a quite profitable Instagram niche to explore.

17. Sex and sexuality

 Sex and sexuality

Whether it’s an account to share fail sex experiences and laugh about them or a serious sex professional dedicated to explaining things about sexuality, this niche is very profitable on Instagram and they use tons of filters!

It generates huge levels of engagement since it’s about something almost all of us have in common!

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