How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story (2022)

We prepared this tutorial on how to add multiple photos to your Instagram Story in two simple steps.

Post author Sebastian

Adding many images to a single Instagram Story can be very appealing to your audience. So we prepared this tutorial on how to add multiple photos to your Instagram Story in two simple steps.

Shall we?

Step 1. Choose your pictures

Open the stories section on Instagram. You can find it both on the top left corner of your screen or at your profile icon.

Click the image icon to open your phone’s camera roll and get access to all your saved pictures.

Then click the ‘select multiple’ option on top of your gallery and select every picture you want to upload to your Instagram Story.

Each time you select an image, a number will appear next to it. This number indicates the order in which your image will be uploaded.

If you wish to change this order, you just need to navigate back, deselect the pictures and select them again in the proper order.

Step 2. Level up your Story by adding extra elements

Even though this step is optional, we strongly recommend you to take advantage of the extra elements available on Instagram Stories to give your Story an added value.

Stickers, text, location tags, and drawings are a great way to make your Instagram Story relevant and modern.

You can even look for the gifs that best fit your message and add them to your picture. This way your static image will have movement and color!

What's more, using the ‘Ask me a question’ sticker or the poll one is perfect to encourage your followers to interact with your brand and to improve your engagement levels.

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Once you’ve achieved the perfect final look for your Instagram Story with multiple pictures, all you need to do is click ‘next’ to publish your Story and share it with all your followers.

That’s it!