Dynamic Showcase Ads for TikTok

The secret to high performing retargeting ads after iOS 14. Learn more about Dynamic Video Generation for TikTok Ads.

Post author Kevin Natanzon
Kevin Natanzon

Retargeting ads have been seriously impacted since iOS 14. Especially for DTC and ecommerce stores, personalized retargeting with Dynamic Product Ads was the key to a great ROAS on Instagram and Facebook.

For those marketers reading this who are not as specialized in media buying, let’s clarify first a few concepts:

What are Dynamic Product Ads?

Dynamic Product Ads are Meta’s solution automatically show the right products to people who have expressed interest. Here’s the flow prospect go through:

  1. User leaves a specific product page
  2. Sees an Ad on Instagram or Facebook, featuring the image of the product.
  3. Remembers he was interested and finish the purchase.

The problem? The product image is a static image pulled from the product catalog without any branding.

And that, is what TikTok is solving with their retargeting solution:

So what are Dynamic Showcase Ads on TikTok and why they work?

It’s TikTok’s new Ad format used for retargeting customers with personalized videos showcasing the product they were interested in.

Here’s the flow prospect go through:

Dynamic Showcase Ads for TikTok
  1. User leaves a specific product page.
  2. Sees a TikTok featuring the product.
  3. Remembers he was interested and finishes the purchase.

TikTok is all about videos, so you’ll need to create one video for every product in your catalog. There are five main steps required to create Dynamic Showcase Ads:

  1. Create a catalog on TikTok Ads Manager.
  2. Upload products to your catalog.
  3. Generate videos for the products in your catalog using CreatorKit.
  4. Integrate events between your catalog and measurement partner or TikTok Pixel.
  5. Publish a campaign using the products in your catalog.

Dynamic Showcase Ads work really well on TikTok when you combine them with UGC.

Want to create high performing Dynamic Showcase Ads?

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