CreatorKit, Generative Fill and the battle for AI generated images for ecommerce.

After Google, Meta, and Adobe, announcements, AI generated product images for ecommerce turned into one of the most competitive battlefields.

Post author Kevin Natanzon
Kevin Natanzon

A few months ago, CreatorKit launched AI Product images, a tool to create product photography, powered by the CreatorKit Diffusion Model. Since then, CreatorKit started growing faster than ever, with thousands of businesses relying on it for their product imagery.

But after Google, Meta, and Adobe, announcements, AI generated product images for ecommerce turned into one of the most competitive battlefields.

Dozens of smaller startups also launched focusing on this use case and have grown rapidly. It is clear that the demand is there, and that market is big enough for these giants to put their efforts into it.

These were some of the announcements:

Google announced Product Studio.  

So far they only shared just a demo so I couldn’t try it to see the generations' quality.

I wouldn’t bet against Google, but I was surprised to see major UX flaws. Main one: no prompt templates.  Marketers don't have time to prompt, they just need predesigned templates that have proven to work and increase conversions.

Product Studio Generate Scene in Merchant Center
Image credits: Google

Link to the announcement.

Meta announced the AI Sandbox.

Cody Plofker, CMO at Jones Road Beauty (@codyplof) was one of the marketers with early access.  “Tbh I don't think AI is at the point where I would run any of the AI generated ads”.  So far generations don’t seem real or blended into the background like ours ;)

Introducing the AI Sandbox for advertisers and expanding our Meta Advantage suite
We are sharing more about how we’re using AI to improve the performance of ads for businesses, including a first look at our AI Sandbox that’s testing generative AI capabilities.

Adobe’s take: Generative Fill.  

I strongly believe that this feature changed graphic design forever. Mindblowing.

But Generative Fill is not a solution for ecommerce marketers, it’s for designers.

Here's what happens when you try to use it for ecommerce marketing assets:

Deformed edges, blurry shadows, no reflections, and many imperfections make it useless for marketing.

Who will win?  

It is clear that Distribution > Product in the short term.  And CreatorKit will never have better distribution than any of them.  So, will CreatorKit succeed?

We can confidently say that the quality of the generated images powered by our AI model is much better than any of the available solutions.

CreatorKit vs alternatives

We can also say that our deep insights into the painpoints of marketing teams is what we're focusing on, which is something that most of the solutions aren't doing.

So let's see in a few years! For now, I invite you to try our tool and see the difference in the quality of the generations yourself.