Custom video creatives

We don't sell professional video editing services, but we're making a few exceptions.

In case this is your first time here, here's what CreatorKit does:

Our design team works hard every day creating video templates to help agencies and brands create videos in minutes using our online video creator.

Templates are designed based on many insights from our marketer's insights.

Understanding what's working in paid acquisition and what's not is key to create better templates, so we love collaborating with other agencies and brands to create new templates.

That's why we work with a few selected companies and agencies, creating custom made high performing video creatives with unlimited revisions, for a fraction of the cost.

Intellectual property terms


  • You (or your client) can do whatever you want with the video creatives.
  • We remain owners so we can offer similar video templates to our customers.
  • You (or your clients) are the owner of the UGC and content you provide us.

The terms are the same as with our general license:

We retain ownership,  but grant you a perpetual, transferable, non-exclusive, License.

We retain ownership in any work product related to the collaboration project, but grant you a license to use the work product in any way you want.

Here's from the terms: "To avoid confusion, work product is the finished product, as well as drafts, notes, materials, mockups, hardware, designs, inventions, patents, code, and anything else that the we work on—that is, conceive, create, design, develop, invent, work on, or reduce to practice—as part of this project, whether before entering into a service agreement or after. We grant you a license to this work product once you pay for it in full."

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