A crazy proposal to CreatorKit users and customers.

We are crazy about customer satisfaction, so we’re really going the last mile.

If you just discovered CreatorKit, then you might want to check out all the features we’ve built that will help you create marketing videos super fast.

Here’s CreatorKit in 2 minutes:

But if there's one thing that we want you to learn about us is that

We are crazy about customer satisfaction.

Ensuring it requires doing crazy things. So what are we doing?

For limited time, we are creating custom videos, ads, stories, and TikToks for you.

We are going to dedicate part of our design and marketing team to help our customers create exactly what they want.

Even if it’s not using the CreatorKit platform.

So how will it work?

If you are selected, then you’ll receive on your email an invite link. Here’s how it’ll go:

  1. Schedule a 30 min call with us. No, this won’t be one of those “quick 10 min call" sales people ask. We don’t want to sell you here. We want to genuinely help.
  2. In the meantime, we will research what you (or your client!) did on social and any ads you’ve been running. We will come up with content ideas.
  3. During the call, we will discuss some improvements and content ideas.
  4. You get super happy for the free consulting time you just got.
  5. We will then ask you if we can use the creative as a template for others.

We will also share some feedback that you might find useful. With a vast experience building internet companies at the intersection of social media, design, and marketing, we learned a few things along the way that you might find helpful.

Limited offer - Apply below

This will be a limited time offer, and given the fact that you don’t need to be a paying customer (being on the free plan is valid too), we can’t offer this to all our users.

As a result, we will select a few users and customers. To be considered to get free custom creatives, enter your email below.